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“My True Love Is Writing. I Write Because I Want To Change The World.”

-Taylre Malloy


Why do you write? For as long as I can remember, I’ve asked myself this question. I didn’t choose to become a writer on the basis most would perceive. But in so many words, writing chose me.

My love for writing began prematurely. Since the tender age of seven, I can recall creating stories on loose construction paper in my elementary school library, only to have the school librarian later place my stories on the top shelf for others to view.

For an hour a day, I dove deep into the furthest reaches of my imagination, adorning the pages of my schoolwork with beautiful shapes, spunky colors, descriptive sentences, and hand-drawn illustrations (first grader style) believing that my words were special. I wrote so many stories in the library that the school librarian invited me to write daily in my own cozy, quaint section during 3rd-hour Creative Writing class, and from here the rest became history.

I fell in love with the art of storytelling at a very young age and never dared to question this love. As a child I wrote all kinds of stories, the sillier the better, I told myself as I wrote about brave little girls traveling to space to defeat world-invading aliens craving spaghetti and radioactive cupcakes, talking flowers and trees that had special healing abilities, and magical fairy god mother’s in sneakers who could zap you out of a sticky situation with the flick of their wand, and just so happened to know how to break-dance too.

During that time my imagination was alive and thriving, and literally felt like another world was waiting for me just beyond my mind! A world that only my characters, my readers, and I could see. The sacred connection with writing became instilled in me and I knew this connection would last throughout my lifetime.

The connection did last and as early as I can remember, writing has always been my vehicle for self-expression. From writing love letters to my family members to reading children’s books on my grandmother’s sofa with my father to reciting my favorite short stories to my stuffed animals when no one else could listen. My love for writing is monumental and one of the strongest loves I have ever known.

There were times when I felt like writing gave me superpowers. As I developed this power, my stories became stronger. I knew it in the beginning that writing would be a part of my destiny. Perhaps, it was inscribed on my soul when God created me.

Throughout my life, writing has taken me on many journeys. I have come into a new level of self-awareness. Like so many others, I feel a sense of completeness when I write. Opening up my laptop and typing away is truly soul-cleansing and has helped me heal my mind, body, and spirit in powerful ways. The journey of writing is incredibly liberating, and most certainly a journey that many can explore.

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