3 Lessons in Self-Love That Reading bell hooks Has Taught Me

By Taylre Rene Malloy~Self-Love Literature Contributing Writer

“I feel our nation’s turning away from love and moving into a wilderness of spirit so intense we may never find our way home again. I write of love to bear witness both to the danger in this movement, and to call for a return to love.” – bell hooks

Love is the most powerful force within our universe. Without love, humanity is pure cyborg. On the contrary, in the presence of love, anything is possible.

There are hundreds of novels about the healing power of love all over the Internet. You know, those feel-good stories that make you stop and reflect during your day and realize that there’s so much more to life than our day-to-day routines and responsibilities. The kind of love stories that teach us about the universal force connecting all living things. A sacred love. Writer, feminist, and spiritual leader, bell hooks illuminates this kind of sacred love within her writing, thus teaching us many lessons in self-acceptance and spirituality. Below are three lessons in self-love that reading bell hooks has taught me.

Self-Love Lesson #1: Love is Infinite

This strange thing we all call love can show up in so many uniquely simple ways. Anytime someone comes from a place of empathy and compassion, the ripple effect throughout the Universe is incredible. bell hooks, highlights love’s infinite ripple in her novel “All About Love” where she reveals that “one of the best guides to self-love is to give ourselves the love we are often dreaming about receiving from others.”

Born Gloria Jean Watkins in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, hooks originally fell in love with writing at a young age. She adapted her pen name, bell hooks from her maternal great-grandmother with the intentions of honoring her matriarchal legacy.

Using only the lowercase form in her name, she shifts attention onto the themes and motifs depicted within her writing, rather than her own fame or persona itself. Her writing explores the depths of love and hi-lights ideas of both masculinity and femininity.

Without surprise, just 20 years after her first “love” book was released, the series remains healing and relevant, serving as an invaluable resource for loving ourselves within a transforming digital age.

Self-Love Lesson #2: Love is The Greatest Revolution

In so many ways, the teachings of self-love undulate throughout the entirety of hook’s novels like a sacred mantra. Her writing teaches us that the energy of love is one of the highest energies out there, and more importantly can transcend all boundaries. Sacred acts of love raise the consciousness of the planet, and by doing what we love, and in my case through the process of writing what I love, we instantly spark a revolution for all to participate in.

The writing of bell hook’s teaches us to be compassionate to others despite perceived differences, transcend and learn from injustice, and to tolerate and promote truth at all times. Together, love’s innate principles are intricately expressed within hook’s novels despite her challenging beginnings.

Coming of age in the deeply segregated south, hooks illuminates the realities of social oppression and racism through her literature. In particular, she felt drawn to the poetry of many notable poets of the Harlem Renaissance including Langston Hughes, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Anne Spencer.

hooks sparked inspiration from Toni Cade Bambara’s 1970 anthology The Black Woman, while in high school, which featured stories, essays, and poetry by prominent black female writers like Alice Walker and Nikki Giovanni. Tapping into concepts that few texts had ever done before, these writers tackled race, sex, politics, body image, and countless other topics at a time when black women were not yet seen as a relevant part of the feminist movement.

Self-Love Lesson #3: Love is the Highest Level of Freedom and Self-Expression

“When we see love as a combination of trust, commitment, care, respect, knowledge, and responsibility, we can work on developing these qualities or…we can learn to extend them to ourselves,” she writes.

At one point in her career, hooks dreamed of becoming an architect, but soon uncovered her voice and unlimited creative freedom early on in high school and later college. Graduating from Stanford University in 1973 with a degree in English Literature, while still in college, at the age of 19, she began working on Ain’t I A Woman: Black Women and Feminism.

Inspired by Sojourner Truth’s legendary 1851 speech of the same title, hooks began writing the book after witnessing a lack of authentic black women’s voices represented throughout academic institutions. The process of writing Ain’t I A Woman took seven years and for many feels like reading the greatest love story ever told.

As an ode to black women,  Ain’t I A Woman is an endearing “love letter from me to black women,” hooks stated as she contemplated the role of black women in society from slavery through 1980, the year before the book’s publication in 1981. She explored the grave error committed when their stories and experiences are relegated to the back shelf, specifically when developing feminist narratives; how black women, in particular, have been affected by sexism and racism and what that means for black womanhood.

So there you have it, three lessons reading bell hooks has taught me throughout my life. May your experience with her literature open your heart and mind to new ways of viewing the world and humanity. As always, may her writing inspire you to continue creating stories of love.

Knowledge is Power: 5 Ways Reading Helps Empower A Child’s Mind

By Taylre Rene Malloy~Self-Love Literature Contributing Writer

I’m in love with reading. Why you may ask? Because no matter how many books you read, reading allows the imagination to always keep expanding. Reading a great book is like diving into a stunning reservoir of knowledge. With each new book a child consumes, a new level of enlightenment and self-love is attained. Below are five reasons why reading empowers your child’s mind.

Reading expands a child’s reality. The more books a child reads, the more enlightened they become. The knowledge that reading offers young minds is enormous. For a child reading a great book is like water to a garden, or nutrient-dense soil to a budding ecosystem. With each new book our children read their mind flourishes. Like wildflowers reaching for sunlight within a beautiful meadow, a child’s mind is able to transcend into new territories as they read, and like a butterfly, their creativity expands its range.

Reading makes children more intelligent. Through the stimulation of the right side of our brain, reading empowers our imagination, literally awakening our mind to new possibilities. Like traveling, reading helps us analyze and experience the world through new perspectives. Observing this same phenomenon occur within the mind of a child, you begin to see the healing magic of reading from a grassroots level. As Dr. Seuss once wrote, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Diving into a great book opens up a whole world of knowledge starting from a very young age.

Reading enriches confidence. Introducing a young mind to a great book is one of the easiest ways to stimulate healthy growth patterns. As your child reads more books both their inner and outer worlds flourish. Reading helps develop a stronger and more stable intellectual, emotional, and social being allowing children more stability. Let’s say a child starts off fairly shy while others around them are a bit more outgoing. One way you can support the child is by offering books that inspire self-acceptance which will ultimately lead to confidence. Reading aloud to a child every night triples this effect by encouraging them to shine through challenging experiences. The right book can help your child understand a variety of situations, thus fortifying their spirit in the face of change or controversy.

Reading makes children more intuitive. Reading unlocks the gateways to emotions. Most children’s books offer the problem and then provide an emotional solution. These books also move through a variety of emotions ranging from anger to sadness, and happiness to personal freedom. When a child reads or listens to a book that relates to their own personal life or experiences, they are better adapted to their environment and experience greater emotional freedom. Children who read books that help them develop emotionally will enhance their ability to connect and better understand the world around them. In so many words, reading opens the heart.

Reading promotes diversity. As someone who researches children’s literature, I think we’d have fewer conflicts in the world if we all read more diverse literature and lived more diverse lives. I like to think that if our society had more diverse children’s books, featuring a broad range of characters, settings, and backgrounds, as well as more diverse role models in the media, young people would naturally feel empowered, and believe that when they grow up, they can be anyone and do anything they wanted. In this type of new world, the youth would above all feel valued for who they truly are and look at their friends and think the same of them because through reading they have developed new life experiences. If we enlighten children at a young age to read stories that are filled with diversity, they would automatically grow up respecting and appreciating everyone’s unique gifts and talents. Thus healing the world.

Well there you have it. In so many words, like writing, reading is an innate superpower and with each new world a young mind experiences they become more empowered in their daily lives.

5 Things You Can Do To Heal This World

By Taylre Rene Malloy~Self-Love Literature Contributing Writer

Listen up, old people. Do you want to heal this world? If so, fortunately, you don’t have to be Superman, Thor, or Iron Man to do so. You can do this by supporting the youth. Find a kid and do these 5 simple things if you wish to save this planet before The Light dies forever.

Plant Them. Listen to their ideas and help them generate an action plan to make their ideas and dreams a reality. Listening, as it is, is a difficult task. And to think that listening to the youth seems like an even more daunting job. Add to that the mountainous stress that being an adult within a society that is awkwardly resemblant to the life of Katniss Everdeen battling the districts in “The Hunger Games.” When a child needs to be heard, and you have an extra million things running through your mind, the child will feel like their needs are not important. Research suggests that listening to the youth during the times their voice needs to be heard the most makes it more likely that they will express themselves and thus tap into their creative unlimited potential. When a child feels heard, she/he is more likely to be more creative and sociable, and having been understood, he/she will connect to their purpose. This will help the youth activate their light within this world and spark their inner curiosity long before they become adults.

Water Them. Encourage them to talk to others who can help inspire them with their ideas and thus help grow the seeds of their dreams into a business plan. In order to spark the imagination within your child in regards to what they can become, who they can be and the kind of things that they can achieve, they have to be provided with opportunity; opportunity to do things that they love, opportunity to uncover new hidden talents; opportunity to see what the world has to offer; to discover their passion. Allow your child to try all kinds of sports, classes and extra-curricular activities that they’re interested in, and to encourage them to also try new things that they may not have thought about previously. Doing so will empower them to obtain the things that they truly love to do and will open their mind to their endless possibilities that are within their reach.

Nourish Them. Remove barriers that are placed upon them as a result of this society and help them troubleshoot and find ways to remove barriers that prevent them from making their ideas a reality. Rein in their anxiety, eliminate their fear, and heal their depression. That doesn’t mean shielding them from real-life issues but instead, stand by them during those hard times. Be a light to a child during a darkening age in history, even if they are not your own.

Empower Them. Spread their greatness to the world! Tell your friends about your child’s idea and so on and so on. When we uplift one child from darkness, we instantly activate the Lights of millions of other children. Help the Youth share their ideas. Use a variety of communication resources to get the word out about their idea. Some to consider: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, e-mail, Instagram, creating a website, posting a YouTube video, creating a poster, and speaking at a community center or a school. As we speak words of power over the youth, we simultaneously give life to their dreams, goals, and projects. Thus awakening them to contribute to the higher global consciousness.

Illuminate Them. Continue to invest in the youth and also help many others along your path to your own spiritual awakening. Have conversations about the unique skills of your individual family members and talk about ways to apply these skills for others in need. Lead by example. Be a positive role model and take action on an idea you have to help make a positive change in your community.

You can change this world, by first changing the life of a child. After all, they are the future…right?

3 Books and Movies That Teach You to Better Understand the Supervillain

By Taylre Rene Malloy~Self-Love Literature Contributing Writer

I’m working on a new supervillain, and all the character creation and backstory has my inner supervillain senses tingling.

Since the beginning of time, the world has always been fascinated by the lives of superheroes. Spiderman, Superman, Captain America, and Iron Man to state a few. But what if I told you that sometimes the real story, the one that isn’t always shown on the big screen, exists within the cold, distant, and highly misunderstood heart of society’s most unpopular supervillains? Would you believe me? Or continue to mindlessly pledge your allegiance to the God-like beings Hollywood programs so many to serve? Below are 3 books and movies that will help you understand the world’s most notorious supervillains a little more. After all, you can’t judge a villain by their cover, right?

“How The Grinch Stole Christmas,” by Dr. Seuss

The supervillain is often the most misunderstood being in society, and yet at the same time the most ostracized. Take Jim Carrey’s fantastic performance in the 2000 motion picture adaptation of “How The Grinch Stole Christmas,” written in rhymed verse with illustrations created by the author himself. Following the life of an introverted, solitary, highly logical creature named “The Grinch,” who lives on top of the town’s highest cave in Whoville, which just so happens to also be the town’s designated landfill.

Like any typical villainous bad guy, the Grinch devises a sinisterly evil plan to put an end to the town’s Christmas festivities forever by stealing everyone’s Christmas presents while they are sleeping on Christmas Eve. Published by Random House in 1957, the book highlights the commercialization of Christmas and touches on America’s fascination with consumerism, capitalism, and the commercialization of most traditional American holidays. Later adapted in the year 2000, Jim Carry poetically brings the persecution of the Grinch’s identity to life. Forcing young readers to ask themselves why is it that we are taught to cast out people from society just because they are different? A life that The Grinch new all too well.

Thanos from “The Avengers: Age of Ultron,” by Stan Lee. Thanos, perhaps the world’s most popular supervillain of the 21st century, is a bonafide fictional bad-ass first appearing in the infamous American comic book series, The Invincible Iron Man edition #55, published by Marvel Comics in 1973. The character was created by writer/artist Jim Starlin, bringing the mega-villain Thanos to life who would later go on to become one of Marvel Universe’s most powerful Eternals.

Clashing with many heroes including the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the X-Men, and the Fantastic 4, Thanos is for sure a stone-cold metaphysical master-mind whose main objective is to eliminate half the world’s population. My initial reaction to such a daunting character was rooted in the notion that Thanos himself was a reflection of the universal mind-control theme fervently cycling throughout Hollywood more formally known as depopulation, with the nebulous agenda to purge humanity of its imperfections. After looking into his character a bit more, I’ve determined that among many horribly terrible things, Thanos is a capitalist. It’s no secret that his business model lies in the regulation of planets, along with the beings that are permitted to inhabit them. And as quiet as it’s kept there are MANY minds and governments worldwide that think just like him.

Though incredibly morbid, his vision for the Universe is deeply rooted in his eternal God-complex. Yet at the same time his ideas when it comes to the world’s population, even today, wouldn’t entirely be considered totally maniacal by a few of the planet’s ‘higher powers.’ Take technology mogul Bill Gates to be precise, who has dedicated over $1 billion for the distribution of birth control and contraception to developing countries. In the year 2012 alone, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation collected $2 billion in pledges from developing nations and $2.6 billion from wealthy countries and foundations. As one of the largest philanthropic organizations in history, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation emerged out of the highly successful corporate organization more formally known as Microsoft. Together, these two Technogons work around the globe to regulate the living conditions of the planet’s impoverished by partnering with elite NGO’s, institutions, and state of the art research facilities.

The resources acquired as a result of their empire have been used to make contraceptives available to a whopping 120 million women in developing countries around the world by 2020. Ironically, as the population of the African continent continues to soar, what better way to promote mass depopulation, than through the humanitarian-like disguise of philanthropy. Could their “heroic” efforts be comparable to Thanos’s mass depopulation crusade and thirst to acquire/protect the universes infinity stones aka corporate government funding? You make the call.

Erik Killmonger from Marvel’s “Black Panther.” Ah, Erik Killmonger, beautifully depicted by Michael B. Jordan. The gorgeously attractive King from Black Panther you love to hate. Yet, at the same time can’t help but be drawn to his destiny and breathtaking charm. To most, Erik Killmonger is a stone-cold sociopath on the verge of universal destruction. But for others, his story symbolizes the plight of a revolutionist ready to die for his version of freedom. In so many words, Erik Killmonger would be best described as the product of pain and not evil. For a majority of Killmonger’s life, he experienced the feelings of isolation, rejection, and abandonment, which epitomizes the relationship black people in America and Africans have felt across the globe.

Killmonger’s anger towards corrupt governments that idolize white supremacy is also juxtaposed by his heart-breaking resentment towards Wakandan royalty and muted family blood-lines for excluding him from the right to experience Wakandan culture and African advancement. In his eyes, like water, food, or air, this advancement should be shared to all oppressed Africans within the diaspora. He questions the nature of Wakanda for having advanced weapons, technology, and the political power to stop white oppressors. It literally scorches his mind, heart, and spirit to see people that look just like him, and thus would under any other circumstance experience his same struggle, turn their back to black oppression, thus deciding to remain silent to the superpowers of the capitalistic nations of the West and just stand by. And quite frankly I found myself contemplating this same question also, thus making Erik Killmonger’s anger is very relatable.

As Wakanda hides its advancements from the world to protect their own way of life and resources, they simultaneously allow the voices of other black people around the world to remain unheard. Killmonger came to collect what he believes is owed to him and to give his people the chance to achieve global black revolution. In so many words, for many Erik Killmonger was far less of a villain, and instead a powerful visionary.

You can love ’em or hate them, but societies most epic supervillains always hold a glimmering beacon of truth within their version of reality. It all depends on what side of the battle you stand on.

4 Reasons Why I Love Writing in the Rain!

By Taylre Rene Malloy~Self-Love Literature Contributing Writer


“Rain falls like God’s own poetry onto the Earth, each drop is a single letter in a song that takes eons to sing. For me, rainfall is like a staccato of symphony notes, each melody awakening my soul in ways words can’t express. As patters of raindrops tumble from the heavens, the melody brings serenity to my creative mind no matter the chaos.”

Who loves writing on rainy days? A show of hands, please. Personally, I find writing on a rainy day simply charming. There’s just something so tranquil about the entire process that waters my mind with new seeds of inspiration and creative ideas and helps my imagination flow. But what is it about the rain that sparks so much creativity?

Okay first, let’s make one thing clear. Writing on a rainy day is an entirely different experience than writing in the actual rain. No one likes soggy notebook pages and last time I checked laptops and iPad’s aren’t yet waterproof or rated on their absorbency. Instead, standing in the rain should only be reserved for those heartwarming romantic movies and those amazingly awkward moments. Catching time away from the world in that dream-like scenario when you’re not outside soaking wet, but instead warm and dry at your writing desk with an aromatically sensual cup of chai tea, is the kind of rainy day I’m referencing. Yet the questions still remains, how does a rainy day suddenly make writing feel so much more magnificent? Below are 4 reasons why.

The rain brings Creative Freshness and Awakening. The rain brings a richness to my creative being, each droplet revitalizing my creativity in a way that soothes my heart, brings a steadiness to my soul, and awakens my senses. The rain has the exact same effect on our world. When it rains, the lands and trees become glossy, reflecting the light upon their leaves as they sway in the breeze. This rain brings a freshness to everything it touches, each drop a heaven-given gift for every particle of creation. When it’s raining I like to go outside and raise my hands up to the sky, paying homage to this divine process by feeling the water and sunshine together as they awaken my creative soul. As I do, a song stirs deep within, one that feels as if it’s singing “thank you” and “I love you” all at once. Writing while it’s raining also brings this joy, a feeling I will never forget.

Rain reminds us of the intrinsic magic of life. Rain falls, oblivious to the life it gives and the new possibilities that it awakens. Washing the world clean, quenching the soil, and nourishing everything it touches back to life, the rain reminds us of all the life forms that depend upon it. Like a sacred ecosystem, the rain plays a vital role in the balance of life on our planet as well as the balance of life within our stories. I use this sacred metaphor to deepen my plot as I write a story. Rain forces me to think about the world from a different perspective, thus enriching my writing with new life, spirituality, and nature. In either warmth or coldness, sunlight or moonlight, destruction or serenity, rain comes, as a powerful force of nature that at times can be devastatingly fierce and also incredibly humble. It is the balance between the two that gives life to this world and also our stories. Rain is the unyielding force that gives breath to the birdsong and brings brightness to every hue of flower and leaf within a forest. With each new idea that writing in the rain sparks, I am able to see how my characters are connected to the bigger picture and how each droplet of rain has an intrinsic effect on everything, no matter how big or small.

Rain offers a psychic shield from writer’s block. In the alien-like landscape of this strange place we sometimes call writer’s block, the rain forces our imagination to expand into new dimensions and ascend to new heights. Every drop of rain that falls from the sky has a sacred mission. Whether we’re aware of this mission or not, it is in the rain’s intention to wash us away and bless our creative mind with a new beginning. I sometimes listen to the rain at night and write in my journal. During these times, when the rain pours and the thunder crackles, I give thanks, knowing that the purpose of rain is to make us stronger. To inspire us to keep hammering until we manifest our masterpiece. Or until we finally gain the courage to create our own Mona Lisa.

Rain teaches us to let go of judgment. No matter how hard we try, we cannot control the rain. It is a force of nature and with this lack of control comes a sense of anxiety toward the future. I apply this analogy to my writing because writing in the rain has taught me that when it comes to writer’s block, you must simply let go and let the creativity flow. Rain teaches us to let go of judgment of ourselves and others and somehow come into the realization that we are not in control. Along the journey, there will be some who adore our writing and some who do not understand. But like the rain, it is not our job to try and change their minds, thus forcing the world to accept us. Like the rain, it’s a writer’s job to inspire and rejuvenate the creative life-force of others through our stories, poems, and literature. So, the next time you find yourself caught in a rainstorm, grab your pen, notebook, or laptop and let the rain nuture your seeds of creativity. Happy Writing!


5 Self-Love Books Designed To Help Cultivate Your Inner Goddess

By Taylre Rene Malloy~Self-Love Literature Contributing Writer

Nut, Egyptian Goddess of the Sky

The night was young, and I couldn’t be more excited about moving into my new apartment. Three months of darkness locked away in an old dusty storage unit downtown had finally granted my books the opportunity to see the sunlight. With each step I climbed, I grew more hopeful of the future. Despite the waterfall of sweat dripping from my forehead, and the unbearable burning sensation weighing upon my shoulders like gravity, with all the climbing it almost felt like I was climbing to heaven, or a distant universe filled with endless love and possibility. And perhaps I was. The good news, my love for vintage bookshelves was giving me a heck of a workout and transforming me into a bonafide Goddess.

As far as I was concerned. I had done it. The metamorphosis was complete. I had overcome an entire summer of homelessness and sleeping in my car beneath the sunsets. I was superwoman and no one could tell me otherwise. It’s amazing how we sometimes think the challenging experiences we face in this life have the power to break us. But they are truly here to set us free. Below are five self-love books that helped unleash my inner Goddess during the moments I needed her the most.

“Beautiful, Not Broken: A Journey of Self-Love,” by Krystle A. Barrington

Beatiful, Not Broken

A Goddess is a woman who lives by her own rules. In “Beautiful, Not Broken,” by Krystle A. Barrington, she shares her personal journey of learning to be comfortable in her own skin. Through original poetry, inspirational quotes, and prayers, Krystle chronicles the lows of seeking validation from others to the highs of learning to see herself the way God sees her.

As a celebration of self-love, growth, maturity, and strength, its Krystle’s hope that through this book women would be reminded that their lowest points, their darkest secrets, and their internal struggles do not define who they are. This book will spark something in readers and remind them that no matter their past or their struggles, they are beautiful, not broken and can overcome anything.

“Get Over It! Thought Therapy for Healing the Hard Stuff,” By Iyanla Vanzant


Today as repeated attempts to “fix ourselves and our lives” fail, many of us face unprecedented fears about the future, struggle with unspeakable life tragedies, and sink under the belief that certain lives do not matter in our society. Others confront our epidemic of anxiety with fierce resistance, or “the fight to be right,” criticizing anyone and everyone just to end up stuck. In the face of such pervasive human suffering, New York Times best-selling author and legendary life coach Iyanla Vanzant challenges us to ask the powerful questions. “What if it’s not them—what if it’s you? What if you need to “get over it”—and get over yourself? Because no matter how much we would like to blame people and circumstances beyond our control, the truth is staggeringly simple: anything and everything we experience is a function of what and how we think. In Get Over It! Iyanla offers a unique spiritual technology called “thought therapy,” a process that harnesses proven spiritual tools with the science of neuroplasticity. The 42 prayers and affirmations, and complementary energy-clearing tools at the heart of the thought therapy process are designed to neutralize and eliminate the unconscious, unproductive, soul-destroying dominant negative thought patterns (DNTPs) and discordant emotional energies, allowing you to get to the root cause of your personal suffering, and make life-affirming choices to evolve from them. If you’re ready to break free of your ego’s resistance and willing to face yourself, willing to change, and willing to heal and grow, then now’s the time to grab your copy of “Get Over It.”

“The Goddess Journal” By Taylre R. Malloy

The Goddes Journal

Inside every woman is a Goddess. It is time to unleash the Goddess Within. In today’s hectic society, self-love is so vital to our inner being. Did you know that writing out your inner thoughts and feelings can be a great way to awaken your inner Goddess?
As a creation of my very own, “The Goddess Journal” will help you get out of your head and into your heart, thus helping you set your inner Goddess free. By reminding you of how epic you are as a woman, The Goddess Journal will help you connect authentically with your female power. So grab your pen and let the Goddess in and watch how your life transforms.

I created this journal as a reminder to always honor the beautiful woman within no matter the circumstances. As we allow our inner goddess to emerge, we unknowingly give life to the divine energy in others.

“The Goddess Revolution,” by Mel Wells


If you’ve ever struggled with diets, food, body image, or your weight, then The Goddess Revolution is your new handbook for life. Imagine how much you would fall in love with your life again if you weren’t so consumed by negative thoughts around food, your weight, and your body?

Imagine if you could effortlessly find yourself at your perfect weight, in your perfect body, and feel happier and freer around food than ever before? All women are born Goddesses – but we tell ourselves over and over again that for some reason, we don’t deserve to feel good. We berate ourselves in the mirror, refuse to accept compliments and use food as a punishment/reward system to mask how we are really feeling about our lives.The Goddess Revolution is taking over as the new ‘anti-diet’. Written with passion from one Goddess to another, this book offers readers practical tips and powerful tools to give them back control of how they feel in their bodies and what they choose to put in them.

“The Soul Searcher’s Handbook,” by Emma Mildon

From aromatherapy and numerology to healing crystals and meditation, this fun and sassy guide to everything body-mind-spirit defines New Age practices for a new generation. What type of crystal should I put in my car for a road trip? Should I Feng Shui my smartphone screen? In this illuminating introduction for the modern-day soul searcher, Emma Mildon shines light on everything you didn’t know about Neo–New Age practices.

With something for every type of spiritual seeker, The Soul Searcher’s Handbook offers easy tips, tricks, and how-tos for incorporating everything from dreamology and astrology to mysticism and alternative healing into your everyday life. This handbook is your #1 go-to guide, handy, accessible, entertaining, and packed with all the wisdom you need in one place. Regardless of what you’re seeking, The Soul Searcher’s Handbook is your awakening to a more fulfilling and soulful life.

So there you have it. No matter your circumstances these books will always remind you of who you are and the impact you are destined to make within this world. So plug into the universe, dig your toes deep into the soil of Mother Earth, grab one of the books or journals listed above, and open your mind to your full potential.

5 Children’s Books That Teach Self-Love to Future Generations

By Taylre Rene Malloy~Self-Love Literature Contributing Writer

Self-love is the greatest gift we can leave future generations, and what better way to empower the youth than through their favorite children’s book. Like water and sunlight for plants, a child’s mind will grow into a radiant garden with each new experience and successful interaction. By exposing them to positive affirming words, experiences, and images early on we simultaneously activate their inner light so they can shine bright like a star. Below are five children’s books that instill self-love in young readers all around the world.


“I am Enough,” by Grace Byers. As an empowering lyrical ode designed to help young readers fall in love with who they are, “I am enough,” teaches self-love and respect for both children and others. No matter what others think of us, we are more powerful than we know and we are all here for a higher purpose. When we show a child the importance of knowing who they are, we transform their subconscious mind allowing them the opportunity to strengthen their inner gifts and talents. It is only through the knowledge of self that children are able to begin life’s sacred journey making this wonderful children’s book the perfect tool to water any young mind with the seeds of self-love.

“Sulwe,” by Lupita Nyong’o


Academy Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o delivers a brilliantly, beautiful message in her recently published children’s book “Sulwe.” Growing up with skin the color of midnight, “Sulwe” illustrates some of the most powerful aspects of self-love by touching on topics of colorism, self-worth, and inner radiance. By teaching young readers that true beauty shines from within, this soul-healing children’s book opens the mind of any reader by showing them the beauty of knowing what makes them unique.

On a magical journey through the night sky, Sulwe learns the power of self-love and acceptance. As she learns to love the skin she’s, Sulwe falls in love with her stunning, mahogany reflection that also shines like the night sky. A lesson that many young adult readers, and adult readers, still struggle to know. When we encourage our children to admire their reflection, we activate their inner light and consciousness, thus helping them illuminate this world.

“Mother Africa,” by Taylre R. Malloy


A creation of my very own, “Mother Africa,” aims to teach young readers one of the most valuable lessons of all, which is to love and pay homage to the amazing superhero our Mother truly is. Our mother is often the first person to show us our inner beauty and light. “Mother Africa,” teaches children that no matter how old they get, expressing this sacred love for our mother is what enhances our own inner gifts and superpowers.

The mother is the greatest teacher on this planet who helps us to believe in our abilities. When a child learns to recognize the inner strength and courage that their own mother has, they begin to radiate confidence in their everyday actions, knowing that they too share their own superpower. “Mother Africa,” illuminates the superpowers of mothers all around the world so that children can see that they too have their own superpowers as well.

“Hair Love,” by Matthew A. Cherry


As a beautiful love story of the unique connection between hair, fatherhood, and self-worth, “Hair Love,” takes young readers on a tender journey of hair enchantment as Zuri learns to love every follicle of her kinky, curly hair and all of its uniqueness. I stumble upon this book along my own “hair love” journey and must say that this adorable book has become my go-to friend whenever I need a reminder of just how amazing my curly, ebony hair truly is.

Soft and willowy like a cloud of stardust and beautifully scented like coconuts and papayas, the moment I fostered my own sacred connection with my hair, was the moment I enhanced my inner creative powers, and like Zuri I owe this realization to my own parent who helped me see my worth at a very young age. As Zuri’s father styles her hair, this simple act gives her spirit that extra spark of magic. “Hair Love,” will teach any young mind the power of falling in love with every inch of their reflection in a healing and healthy way.

“One Love,” by Cedella Marley


Based on the wonderful life and music of Bob Marley, “One Love,” by Cedella Marley brings together the joyful philosophies of self- love, family, and community in a heart-warming children’s book. Bringing to life the wonderful contributions of Bob Marley, “One Love,” has the power to help ignite a child’s inner spirit, thus connecting them to their higher purpose and soul mission of encouraging love for themselves and the entire planet.

By teaching children that we are all one no matter our race, class, or gender, this lovely book helps heal the disconnect between cultures by opening the heart chakra, thus raising a child’s energetic vibration long before they become an adult. Through this book, we are reminded that as long as we hold love inside our heart, we remain connected to what we love the most and those around us. In my eyes, one of the most important lessons of all.

I would like to introduce you to my newest Children’s book, “Mother Africa.”


Mother Africa by Taylre Malloy 9781098761721: Amazon.com: Books

“Some people don’t believe in superheroes. But they haven’t met my mom.”


Hello, Creatives!

I would like to take the moment to introduce my latest children’s book, “Mother Africa,” now available through all major distributors including Amazon and Barnes and Noble! This book is dedicated to all the amazing mothers out there. You are loved! You are recognized! You are appreciated! Keep healing this planet!

Sophia Stewart: The Seer of Science Fiction

By Taylre Rene Malloy~Self-Love Literature Contributing Writer

Writer's See the Future

Science Fiction Writers are predicted to see the future. Did you know that many of planet earth’s most notable technological advancements were actually spawned from some of the world’s most prolific sci-fi authors, long before they became known by this reality? Science Fiction writer, Sophia Stewart, also known as the Seer of Science Fiction, is a keen example of this phenomenon.

In her novel, “The Third Eye,” she writes of a society controlled entirely by autonomous machines known as sentinels. A reality in which ordinary human beings live underground in a world known as Zion while the rest of humanity falls victim to an all-knowing computer simulation, more formally known as The Matrix. A world in which many today would argue is no longer science fiction, and indeed actually exists.

Child prodigy, prolific writer poet, creative genius, and visionary are just a few of the terms used to describe Sophia Stewart and her profound literary legacy. Growing up in the concrete jungles of New York City, Stewart’s supernatural literary powers were uncovered early when she passed the New York State Board of Regents Examination, thus expediting her directly into college from junior high school. This achievement alone astonished her teachers and helped illuminate her brilliant mind to a wider audience. And thus her love affair with science fiction was born.


Receiving her Bachelor of Arts Degree in journalism with minors in both law and psychology, Stewart attended the City University of New York in 1979. Here she studied under the guidance of many celebrated authors and writers such as Max Segal, a former journalist of the New York Times, Emile Capouya, well-known publisher, editor, essayist, and critic, Paul Cherry, a playwright for Broadway, and many more.

The Third Eye

As the original writer of both Terminator and The Matrix series, Stewart became inspired to write her epic novel “The Third Eye,” while she was studying cinema at the University of Southern California. This ingenious work, copyrighted since 1981, is the foundation and birthplace of the primary core elements that make up the blockbuster films, Terminator and The Matrix.

Stewart’s otherworldly literary abilities to write literature that predicts the future begins with her ability to create characters that transcend time, space, reality, and technological innovation. In “The Third Eye”, she weaves conventional metaphysical, spiritual, and technological concepts into the single-handedly most revered science fiction films of the 20th century. Both Terminator and The Matrix films are among the most artistically phenomenal and financially profitable film franchises in Hollywood’s history. These works alone have grossed over $25 billion, won numerous Oscars, and generated billions in revenue internationally. She is currently working on the upcoming Matrix 4 film, which is destined to supersede the remarkable success of The Matrix and Terminator. Thus establishing her as one of the most profound science fiction writers of this era.


But Stewart’s literary genius was not always honored by the all knowing and powerful Ones in Hollywood. The Wachowski Brothers, originally credited for The Matrix Franchise, plagiarized her writing after submitting the screenplay for review in a local film contest. After a 10-year court battle to prove the validity of her work as indeed plagiarized, Stewart won the largest lawsuit in history, making her one of the most well-paid writers of this age.

More than 25 years after the creation of her manuscript, the technology of the Matrix has now been born. It is rumored that the United States Government has already developed “sentinel” technology based on the all-knowing machines within the dreamworld of the Matrix. This alone makes Sophia Stewart a prolific Seer within the realm of science fiction. Her future novels can only predict more technological advancements to come.


“After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends here, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember, all I’m offering is the truth – nothing more.”


Spirit Writing: 5 Self-Love Journals that Will Heal Your Soul

By Taylre Rene Malloy~Self-Love Literature Contributing Writer

When you were a teenager, you might have kept a top secret diary, hidden away from the world. Since the beginning of time, journaling has always been the perfect method for humans to express our most intimate thoughts, dreams, and perceptions. People of all ages have found journaling to be an essential, therapeutic, and relaxing activity for self-love and restoration. Many of history’s great minds including Maya Angelou, Abraham Lincoln, Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, and Ernest Hemingway spent hours writing their most sacred thoughts deep within the pages of their journal, thus creating entire compilations of words that will likely never be read by another soul.

Long thought of as a practice reserved only for writers, what many call journaling I like to call Spirit Writing. Whether you’re a writer or not, journaling has a magical quality of healing the soul and keeping a journal has many positive benefits. Not only can journaling help with personal growth and development, but journaling can also be used for problem-solving and stress reduction. Through the divine process of regularly recording your thoughts, you will gain insight into your behaviors, actions, and emotions. This process alone has been proven to improve mental and physical health and can lead to increased self-esteem. Below are 5 self-love journals endowed with the power to evoke sacred healing for the soul.

Self-Love is Revolutionary: A Guided Journal for Inner Healing, Happiness, and Creativity

Self-Love is Revolutionary Journal

Self-Love Is Revolutionary: A Guided Journal For Inner Healing, Happiness, and Creativity

One of my favorite self-love journals to date, and also my very own creation. I created this journal during a time in my life when I truly needed an outlet to express myself authentically. As a guided journal designed to help you get in tune with your inner thoughts and emotions, every page offers you the opportunity to express your soul’s truest desire, and most importantly without fear or judgment. What I appreciate the most about this journal are the inspirational quotes at the end of each page, and the thought-provoking questions, chapters, and self-love mantras created solely to spark sacred self-acceptance and healing along your own writing journey. If you’re a fan of guided journals, you may find yourself taking this journal with you everywhere. This lovely journal has traveled far and wide with me and will forever be my go-to journal for self-love. When I’m at home, I like to keep mine right next to my desk or bed so that I can journal the moment I wake up or go to sleep. I use this journal during the times I need that extra spark of motivation to believe in myself or another.

Spirit Writing: A Guided Journal for Creative Writing, Self-Love, Inner Healing

Spirit Writing

Spirit Writing: A Guided Journal For Self-Love, Creative Writing, and Inner Healing

Another gem when it comes to self-love that will make the perfect gift for any creative in need of that extra boost of confidence and inspiration to complete their goals. I created this journal with my fellow creative writers in mind and have realized that throughout my writing career remembering to always believe in myself has been my greatest superpower. Filled with guided meditations and self-love mantras, spirit writing offers total freedom to any creative wanting to express their wildest dream or deepest insecurity. In this journal, you will learn to use fear as fuel to power your dreams instead of allowing your own insecurities to deactivate them. This journal has taught so much about my own thoughts as a writer and has helped me move past the fear of self-doubt and to always remember that you can’t know where you are going until you know where you are. This journal teaches us that it is only when we learn to accept ourselves fully, do we truly become free. The variety of assorted pages, quotes, and mantras allow any creative the opportunity to unlock the power of the written word but also the visual word and world of drawing and illustration. By drawing or making a collage on certain pages, I’ve been able to create a representation of how I feel that moves beyond my analytical writing and into my heart.

Soul Therapy: A 365-day journal for self-exploration,healing, and reflection

Soul Therapy Jounal

Another awesome journal to pour your heart into! Soul Therapy is a daily, interactive journal designed to aid you in self-exploration, healing, and reflection. Featuring 365 days of thought-provoking prompts, inspiring quotes, open-ended questions, daily practices, and motivational soul food with room for writing, this journal is the ultimate tool for personal expansion. The countless positive benefits you will receive from this journal will transform your life in so many ways. This journal teaches us that journaling is the ultimate positive habit to add to your daily routine. Taking a few moments in the day for reflection will help you stay grounded, present, and in touch with yourself. I first discovered this journal years ago during college when I needed that extra reminder of who I truly am. I know it has the power to remind you also.

Be The Change You Want To See In The World: A Classic Ruled Journal

Be the Change
A Self Love Journal For Children

If you’re looking for a cute gift or searching for a great notebook for yourself, you’ll love this find! I fell in love with the cute empowering quote on the cover and was truly inspired by every moment I took out of my day to write in it. The empowering quote on the first cover reminds me daily of the power of positive thinking and how the vibes we hold a daily bases have the ability to impact our lives. Making the perfect gift for my niece also, this journal is a great asset to give to young writers who may need that extra reminder to believe in their ideas no matter what.

A Self-Love Journal for Children

This amazing journal for children is designed to support children to start cultivating the habit of practicing self-love, developing self-confidence, building self-esteem, and growing in self-awareness. This journal teaches youngsters that self-mastery involves practicing the same actions daily and challenges children to focus on the positive qualities they possess with daily prompts and questions. By the time the journal is complete, your child will be able to express an assortment of their inner thoughts and ideas, but most importantly what they love about themselves. By helping children highlight their strengths, talents, and abilities this journal offers kids the confidence they need to grow into their quirkiness and inner truths. The best gift we can give a child is love and love of self. So grab this journal for your child and help them start their own journey of self-expression.

Self-Love Store

Self-Love Journals!

Hello Creatives, I’ve recently launched three lovely new creations on Amazon, and would like to introduce them to the world! In today’s hectic society, self-love is so vital to our inner being. Writing down your thoughts is a revolutionary form of self-expression and healing. For this reason, I have created a series of guided journals to assist you along your own self-love journey. I hope you fall in love with these lovely journals just like I have. Take a moment to visit our new Self-Love store for more details!!

Happy Writing!

-Self-Love Literature

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Sunset Writing: How to Write Anywhere

By Taylre Rene Malloy~Self-Love Literature Contributing Writer


I’ve recently relocated across the country and like many working writers, writing is not my full-time job. I spend most of my time shuffling through the endless tasks and assignments I get as a full-time student, entrepreneur, and consultant. But despite my busy schedule, still, I write. I hold the intention in my mind and heart to write no matter the circumstances occurring around me. With this creative superpower, I am able to maximize my writing goals.

Whether I’m halfway across the world or visiting family and friends across the country, creating the necessary space to write no matter my surroundings has become key to completing my writing goals.

I’m not the type of person to clear my entire schedule to write by only writing during specific time frames. It would be nice if life worked this way. But often time is limited. Like you, I juggle my time between various tasks and I am also guilty of spending way to much time on social media. The key to staying consistent with your writing routine is not following a strict schedule, but learning to make time to write as you go, no matter your location. Below are 3 tips I use for maximum time management success.

Embrace Social Media. Instead of freaking out about your natural tendency to spend additional time on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, try instead to embrace it. Believe it or not, but social media can actually be your friend and much-needed ally when it comes to writing. Create a post detailing your writing goals, and use the engagement that you receive from the post as fuel to kick start your writing sessions. You may find that social media is a greater motivator than you think.

Write Where You Are. Writing is a flexible activity so you can bring your journal, laptop, smartphone, or tablet to write on during the times in your day that you are running errands or out and about. You can do this by keeping your preferred writing device, or tool with you at all times in your bag or car. When you notice a break or shift in your schedule, grab your journal and begin wherever you left off. If you’re a digital writer, this can be done easily on your tech devices. I recommend saving your work in Google Docs so that all edits and changes can be accessed and saved efficiently. You can also use EverNote to keep track of those brilliant ideas that spring up at the most inconvenient moments. Creative writing apps are endless!

Go with the Flow. Planning ahead is commonly associated with being organized and efficient, however, I’m going to tell you the exact opposite. Yes, it is key to maintain a plan in all you do in life in order to be the most effective. However, when it comes to writing anywhere you need to adopt the mentality of going with the flow. This will help generate ideas naturally and take the pressure off of producing a certain word count or writing standard. Rather than sticking to a rigid schedule, or writing wherever you have a desk or internet connection, simply write when you have an idea. Keep in mind inspiration can show up anywhere so it’s important to not miss your muse when they arrive, even if you’re standing in line at a coffee shop, or the subway, or a remote beach or island, Write where ever the inspiration sparks and wonders will occur.


With every sunset, a new hope is born, an old expectation dies.”

-Noor Unnahar

All Hail Octavia Butler: The Mother of Afro-futurism

By Taylre Rene Malloy~Self-Love Literature Contributing Writer

All that you Change,
Changes you.
The only lasting truth
is Change.
God is Change.”

-Octavia Butler, Parable of the Talents


At the tender age of 9, Octavia Butler ascended into her destiny. Endowed with a keen ability to imagine fictional worlds far beyond the limitations of society, Butler left an influential ripple within the science fiction universe for generations to come. The beauty in her literary career lies in the prophetic notion that Butler remembers the exact moment she decided to become a science fiction writer. After critiquing the 1954 film “Devil Girl from Mars,” Octavia’s exact words were “Geez, I can write a better story than that!” Only to second this assertion by stating, “somebody got paid for writing that story!” If they could, she decided, then she could, as well. Thus her love affair with science fiction began.

Born in Pasadena, California, on June 22, 1947, Octavia Butler would later go on to become a leading paradigm-shifter as an African American woman in the realm of science fiction. Known to be a literary genre dominated by the white male majority, Butler did not let the limitations society placed on her hinder her ability to create brilliant stories and forge new literary landscapes. Like many African American writers within this era, her novels and short stories bend time as her writing sparked mass controversy.

Challenging the genre’s overall reliance on white male protagonists, Butler successfully reshaped the narrative of what a “traditional” science fiction writer should look like, thus making the genre more accessible to all readers of any ethnic background. Believing her central audience should include everyone, and most importantly that the reach of her audience should not be limited based on her ethnic background, Butler aspired to uplift the voices of all through her writing. Below are three reasons why Octavia Butler’s literary legacy makes her the Mother of Science Fiction and Afrofuturism.

Octavia E. Butler, originally published in 1995

Her concepts and wildly original ideas made her a literary genius. There is no doubt in the idea that Octavia Butler possessed a sixth sense when it came to character creation and world building. Fusing elements of both science fiction and Afro-futurism, Octavia Butler possessed an imagination that was truly ahead of her time. Inspiring writers of all races, genders, and social-economical statuses, Butler’s writing defies the odds by proving that Black writers can’t be boxed in or limited to one specific genre. Without Butler, the world of Sci-Fi literature would very likely be a dull, monochromatic place in which only a few voices dominate. In so many words, Butler’s devotion to defying the norm and reshaping the literary constructs placed upon her by society quickly became infused into her destiny, as she would later go on to inspire writers and readers of all backgrounds worldwide by becoming the first science fiction writer to receive a MacArthur Fellowship.

Her prolific writing abilities spawn from her own experiences and childhood. Butler’s love affair with writing began at a young age making her a child prodigy. Describing herself at a young age as “ugly and stupid, clumsy, and socially hopeless,” due to her crippling shyness and dyslexia, Butler spent many of her days at the local Pasadena library. It was here within the cozy walls of the library that Butler’s deep love for reading, and eventually writing, sparked. After falling in love with the idea of owning a typewriter, she once pleaded with her mother for a Remington typewriter and later “pecked stories two-fingered,” until she learned to type properly. She also spent many hours filling the pages of her notebook as much as possible, and it became no surprise that Butler was destined for a career in writing from day one.


“I was attracted to science fiction because it was so wide open. I was able to do anything and there were no walls to hem you in and there was no human condition that you were stopped from examining.”

Her writing literally reshaped society and the science fiction genre as we know it. Determined to construct new worlds in which the prejudices she faced could be reexamined, countered, and neutralized, Butler’s writing reflected the social issues plaguing America while also absorbing readers into a new world of possibility. Transcending elements of both time and reality, because of her devotion to reshape the narrative, Butler’s writing has served as a beacon within the literary world for many generations to come. Whether you’re just now getting acquainted with Butler’s work or are already familiar with her complete collection, her dystopian stories hold depth. Her ingenious prose, reflected through the lens of her astonishingly original black female characters, remains as important today as it was nearly 50 years ago when she sold her first story. It is for these very aspects of her literary career (and many more) that easily make her the Mother of Science Fiction and Afro-futurism. Her literary legacy will never be forgotten.


How Journaling Can Help you Awaken Your Inner Superpower!

By Taylre Rene Malloy~Self-Love Literature Contributing Writer


It’s no surprise that journaling takes me to my healing place! Since the very first day I picked up my pen to write, I’ve used journals to express the aspects of my inner being that I was often afraid to talk about. In so many words, journaling has saved my life and has the innate healing ability to help many others. If you’re like me and literally have over 1000 dusty journals hiding inside your closet just waiting to be reread. Or if you simply want to find a creative space to express your inner truths, I challenge you to begin the journaling process as it can make you invincible.

Did you know that writing out your inner thoughts and feelings can be a great way to heal emotional trauma, thus setting your supernatural creative abilities free? Journaling may remind you of something you did as a child, but it’s much more than that. The act of journaling has a healing power that can improve your memory, reduce your stress and increase your creativity.

These are just the beginning of the superpowers that journaling offers. Here are three ways journaling can improve your quality of life and help you become the greatest version of yourself in all you do.


Journaling is an Instant Mood Booster. It’s no surprise that journaling can serve as that extra spark needed to remind you of your dreams. Whether you like to write in a dream journal or an actual journal, always remember that the act of sorting out your inner thoughts and desires on paper is a great method to clear your mind and figure out what direction your dreams will take you. I take my journal everywhere, and in it, I write my goals down one by one. Don’t stress about it not being organized. But instead, use your journal as a much needed sacred space for all those amazing goals.

Journaling Reduces Anxiety. Since I carry my journal with me everywhere, I consider it an ally or creative confidante. Unplugging after a long day can be challenging, but if you grab a journal to at least start to unwind from your day and sink into your own creative rhythm, you instantly reduce stress.

Studies show that journaling helps you center your mind, release emotions and express things that are bothering you. The best thing you can do after a stressful day is to write out your experiences. Verbalize your emotions in a journal serves as a therapeutic release and can even help you resolve hidden emotional traumas.

Copy of Potential Actualized

Excerpt Cover for my new Writing Journals!! Available for purchase on Amazon and this website March 15, 2019. (More information to come)

Journaling Eradicates Creative Blocks. Like kryptonite for Superman, societal stress can often deactivate your ability to express your authentic self. No matter the block, when we feel pressured by society to not be ourselves, we tend to become blocked creatively.

For me, journaling has helped release this block every time. I use my journals as a second brain and subconscious, and thus “info dump” all my thoughts, creative ideas, and creative energy onto the pages no matter the order. I take this opportunity to engage in descriptive writing about anything that catches my eye at the moment if I’m unsure what to write as I journal. This helps to unblock the root of what I’ve been feeling and eventually the words and emotions that I’ve suppressed spill right out.

If you’re concerned of others reading your journal, hide it in a safe place or burn the pages you really want to release from the journal once you finish. I know scorching your old journal entries can sound somewhat dramatic, but trust me safely burning journal entries that you don’t want anyone else to read is incredibly therapeutic and release. Once I feel the journal is too full of ideas to go on, I start a new journal. This process of creative regurgitation without judgment has helped me defeat writer’s block in many ways and tune into the power of my own emotions.

These are just a few examples of how journaling can help you develop your inner superpower! You don’t have to wait until the new year comes around to start forming a new writing or journaling routine. Always remember that great journaling and self-expression begins when you decide to start. Try to make it a priority to write every day, even if it’s only a few lines. You will unleash hidden aspects of yourself and feel incredibly liberated as you see those words shine on the page!

Happy Writing!


How to Write a Love Letter to Yourself or Another

By Taylre Rene Malloy~Self-Love Literature Contributing Writer

51781072_972368823152663_1264401963504631808_n (1)

Expressing love can feel a bit awkward at times, but I assure you that writing a love letter can help ease the butterflies you may feel regarding this topic. Below are eight tips to creating epic love letters for yourself or your significant other that are destined to warm any heart.

State your intentions. What is the purpose of this letter? What feelings and energies do you want to invoke? How do you want your love to be felt? Whenever you do any type of Love work, it is essential to really get into your heart and emotions so that the words shine through.

Visualize a romantic memory of your Lover. Is there a romantic experience that you have shared with your lover that left you utterly breathless? Do you find that this experience of your lover stays with you and makes you smile whenever you think about them? All of this imagery is a great inspiration for your love letter to them. Before writing your love letter, visualize the butterflies they give you when you are in their presence. The way they make your heart race, your palms sweat, your soul dance. When we enter into a state of bliss before writing we are able to express our love to the highest level. If you’re into meditation this is also a great place to set your intention for your love letter and begin visualizing the details of your connection. Thus strengthening the bond.


Open your Heart. Let’s say you want to write a love letter not to another person, but to yourself. I can relate to this and am actually writing several love letters to myself just for the perks. If you chose to write your letter for you or your significant other, it’s important to open your heart. Opening your heart when you write is simple and comes from a place of non-judgment. So if you’re experiencing intense emotions that you fear may not be reciprocated by your lover, write them anyway. Yes, become absolutely transparent with those feelings. Almost to the point of feeling naked. Even the ones you fear the most. Both romantic love and self-love can only exist in a space of honesty and transparency so as you write your love letter, remember to follow your heart. For your heart will lead you and lover to an eternal state of bliss.

Be bold. Tell your lover all the things you love about them. Does their hair glimmer in the sunlight? Do they have that extra sparkle in their smile that illuminates your heart and makes your mind go wild? Whatever it is about your lover that you’re passionate about, it’s time to let those feelings out. At first, this can feel a little awkward, but I assure you it’s worth it. When we find the courage to express love, and more importantly why we love someone, we become stronger.


Let go of Fear. Tell your lover how your life has changed since meeting them. Express to them how the experience of them has opened your heart and mind. When we write from a place of fearlessness, our inner light shines through. Your lover will thank you for putting the effort in on such a thoughtful gesture. I assure you they will not forget.

Be romantic. Love letters are a great way to reaffirm your love and commitment to another. Whether you’re into the mushy gushy stuff or more of the calm cool and collective type, a love letter is a great way to express romantic love to the one that means the most. Not only will you evoke the element of surprise here, but you will also strengthen the bond as love letters can be saved for many years. Imagine reading those old gushy love letters from the early years of your romance when you and your lover grow old together. What a beautiful experience indeed. So definitely cherish and save your letters, as they may remind you one day of the love you share.


Reaffirm your Love. Your letter can be a good opportunity to open your heart and reaffirm your love. Tell your lover what they mean to you in a way that no one else on the planet can express to them. Your love is unique and no matter how you choose to write your love letter, allow your real emotions to shine through. By doing this you will reaffirm your love and devotion to your lover no matter the circumstances. We live in an age where the expression of love can be limited and thus many humans keep their emotions and feelings bottled up without expression. Telling someone you love them is a revolutionary act and does not go unnoticed, especially in an age where our feelings are not always honored.

Make it fun. Here you can get a little creative. Tell your lover how much they make you laugh, or if you have the gift of comedy you can use comedy to express a joke of love that only you and your lover will connect to. When we incorporate a light-hearted expression to a love letter is a great way to let go of the fear.