The Death of Creativity: 5 Ways Corporate America and School Turn You Into a Cyborg

By Era Writer – Self Love Literature Contributing Editor

With all the changes our world is currently undergoing as a result of the COVID19 Pandemic, the traditional corporate workplace has undergone a much needed update.

I must say that working from home is awesome, depending on my internet connection and choice in pajamas. So awesome that even beyond the COVID 19 Pandemic, many Creatives are asking a very powerful question, why go back to the corporate cubicle…ever? At least physically that is?

Not only has the COVID 19 Pandemic allowed millions of people the opportunity to leave the 8 by 8 confinements of their office or cubicle and return home. It has also sparked a century old debate as to whether or not the traditional corporate model creates free thinking individuals. Or mind-controlled cyborgs. Below are five reasons why.

Both school and corporate America are programmed into us from an early age.

From the early stages of our development, we have been told that knowledge is power. We spend a majority of our childhood tucked away within the traditional schooling environment, only to be told that obtaining a college degree will buy you a golden ticket into Corporate America and financial freedom. A college diploma is perceived to be a golden ticket into prosperity and from the moment we step into school we are groomed by our educators to follow one path.

Though many successful entrepreneurs are perceived as high-flying intellects and all-around business savvy weirdos, who somehow found financial freedom outside of the traditional 9 to 5 workweek. The truth is that most of them didn’t even graduate from college, or from Corporate America either.

Both school and corporate america are designed to teach us to follow someone else’s order. Bells, cubicles, lunch hours, break rooms, and even office politics are all examples of how school is an exact replica of the corporate environment, only much more energy sucking.

Many entrepreneurs walk among us, yet school and corporate America tend to suppress them.

Everyone is an entrepreneur! Yes including yourself. But most of us just don’t know it yet…and for good reason, as the knowledge of entrepreneurship is not for just anyone. If a majority of Creatives became privy to the knowledge it takes to leave Corporate America forever, the System would crash overnight.

The truth is, Corporate America needs employees to work for it forever, and thus the training of employees is set into motion long before we ever become adults. Likewise, the process of creating workers begins quite prematurely when most of us attend grade school during our initial ages of development in the one place no one suspects, that’s right…school.

Like school, corporate America promotes conformity and an overall lack of originality.

Have you ever wondered why we hear about so many entrepreneurs dropping out of college? Strange phenomenon indeed. This is because the current education system in the United States and the United Kingdom drums into us from a young age the necessity to assimilate.

By forcing children to think within the box, the education system willingly produces employees for the corporations. Thus these young minds later become integrated into the corporate matrix, and if they work hard enough they’ll soon develop a limited perspective on entrepreneurship, just like their parents. The cycle goes on.

School and Corporate America punish free thinkers by glorifying followers and idolizing droids.

It may be hard to imagine school curriculums as powerful, mind-controlling organizations whose main agenda is to mold the minds of entire generations of thinkers to obey the corporations at all costs.

At the same time, many disobedient and often deviant thinkers are punished by the current education system, thus enforcing the pressure to conform. Those who abide by the rules in school are rewarded with compliments, grades, and further opportunity. On the contrary, the students who rise up against this type of manipulation are deliberately made into examples for other students not to follow. The same goes for the workplace.

Both school and corporate America are highly experienced in the art of mind control.

From birth, the greatest lesson the current education system teaches us is that in order to achieve perceived future success and advancement, one must excel through the use of standardized examinations and coursework. Thus the cycle continues. This programming is foolproof and has been going on for generations.

So if you find yourself questioning, do I have to attain a master’s degree in order to leave my corporate job and become a successful entrepreneur, as you daydream about your budding start-up? Think again. Research highlights that many of the most affluent entrepreneurs who’ve made a life outside the system do not have a college degree. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerberg, a few notable college drop-outs to call attention to, and Richard Branson never even made it to college. The list goes on.

The truth is, true success is not about how much you can memorize in school, or how high you think your climbing along the never-ending later of Corporate America. True success comes from within and is all about the cultivation of your own unique gifts and talents.

We spend so much time in school and Corporate America that we often forget who we are. Now that we have time away from our corporate environments, it’s important to get in tune with your creative gifts. It is through the cultivation of our unique gifts and talents, and not someone else’s, that will free us from our corporate jobs forever. So build your empire.

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