Five Creative Writing Hacks to Create the Perfect Writing Space in 2020

When you close your eyes and imagine your most creative writing-space, what type of atmosphere do you visualize? For me, my imagination instantly takes me across the planet to the Utopian island of Bali, swinging somewhere on a hammock while drinking an exotic passion flower tea overlooking the rain forest. However my bank account quickly zaps me back into reality.

The truth is, where you write makes a tremendous impact on how you write. Like water, nutrients, and sunlight for plants it is important to remember that your creative environment affects pretty much everything. It took me a long time to discover this truth. But when I finally did have that “ah ha” moment, I didn’t waste anytime building my very own creative space. Creating the perfect writing atmosphere is never to hard, so no worries! Below are five creative hacks to help you create the perfect writing space in 2020.

My Dream Writing Desk

Creative Tip #1 Find Your Zen

Are you a fan of writing in a noisy, yet super cozy coffee shop? Or do you prefer writing through the roaring laughter of your kiddos on a sunny Saturday afternoon? Or do you prefer to write alone in your office? Whatever the distraction, its important to realize that finding your zen is key to exceptional writing!

This may not seem like a total revelation for most writers. You know those out of this world type writers who can write in virtually any circumstance. If you’re one of those writers then you can just skip this tip. But for those select few writers who need that extra dash of tranquility to reach their creative zen, this ones for you!

To find your creative zen, you don’t need to look far. All you need to do is ground yourself, take a few deep breathes, and ask yourself a few questions. Do you like to write in quiet spaces? Or are you okay with noisy ones? Do you like to write alone within the comfort of your home? Or are you a bit more extroverted? Are you okay with writing in public? Or do you prefer to write in spaces that are a bit more conventional like a library? Or your own personal work space? Are you open to writing in nature? Or do you prefer to write at a desk?

Now that you have grounded yourself, it is important to note that all of these questions gave me deeper insight into the type of writer I truly am. What I discovered after answering these questions is that when it comes to the perfect writing environment, I enjoy the best of both worlds. I appreciate variety in my creative space so at times I can vibe out in a nosy coffee shop. But I also love the thought of coming home and being able to write in the comfort of my own personal office or work space.

Super Cool Writing Space that I love!

Finding your zen is simple and it doesn’t require you to go out and purchase fancy incenses, candles, or tranquil decor. Although, if you like those, that’s great! Finding your zen is all about getting in tune with your inner creative being, your story, and your environment.

You do not need to become one with your creative space, you only need to connect to yourself by finding comfort and peace within whatever writing space you’re in. For me, this begins with lighting a candle, or playing my favorite music in the background while I write. I also love to brew a warm cup of tea to get my creative juices flowing.

Writing while its raining outside is a great way to reconnect me to my creativity and I’ve found that connecting with whatever season it is while writing can help you generate fresh new details into your story. For me, there’s something about the rain that instantly takes me to a distant planet and deeper into my creative zen space!

Feng shui aside tips aside, tapping into your creative zen doesn’t necessarily mean yoga at your writing desk or even meditation. Instead, try tapping into that state of mind that allows you to be calm and creative, even while writing in a high-stakes situation.

Whether it’s in preparation for an impeding publication date. Or getting into the zone to check off your writing to-do list, your surroundings, vibe, and energy definitely play a pivotal role in your creative process. Finding your zen ultimately begins with embracing whatever writing environment your in, focusing on your story, and finding what works for you.

Creative Hack #2 Feed Your Creative Mind

A story is a seed, and like a plant, you must use your imagination to water and nurture your novel. It’s important to always remain curious and open and stay hungry for inspiration as you embark on the writing process. I use my creative space not just as a space to get work done. But to also remain open to the creative process and brainstorm new writing topics and ideas. This magical process of creative receptivity helps us all stay inspired and there are a million ways in which you can feed your inner creative genius.

Expressing yourself through creativity is a superpower, and owning your creativity is akin to unleashing your superpowers to the world. As important as it is to express your creativity, you also need to designate a “safe space” within your personal home for creative purposes. For me, this area is my office and I do my best to keep this space pure and designated only for novel writing purposes.

I use sage and other incenses and aromatherapy tools to purify my creative space and jump-start the creative process. I have found that lemongrass essential oil is a great way for me to push myself into the creative process quicker. Having a window within your creative space can seem like a distraction, but if you’re like me having a window can help you breathe while you work through the writing process. There’s something about natural sunlight and the blue sky outside that helps me focus and relax.

Creative Hack #3 Show Up to Your Creative Space

A little secret about us Creatives, you’re muse is always with you, even when you can’t feel it so make sure you don’t show up to your creative space daily and try not to stand your muse up!

When you create, your whole self is showing up for that moment of creativity. Just simply showing up to your writing space and sitting there, even with a blank page staring back at you, helps tremendously. When you’re truly present in the creative moment, distractions minimize and you become acutely aware of your ideas. From this place, you are able to create from new perspectives and more importantly you are ready for inspiration the moment it sparks!

Creative Hack #4 Listen to Your Soul

Your soul is where your creativity resides, where emotional desires are at play in union with the bigger picture of your life. Your soul is creative, but it isn’t crazy. Unlike persistent stereotypes of highly creative people, you soul wants you to know you are safe, sacred, and serene.

But let’s get real: getting in touch with your pure being is a little more complicated than plugging in a GPS and following an automated voice. It takes a bit of work. For creativity to reach your soul and resonate deeply, keep these six points in mind.

Creative Tip #5 Shake Things Up a Bit!

In some areas in life, routines are necessary. But in the world of creativity, routines often kill your creative vibes before they can come to life. Even during the moments when you feel trapped in writer’s block, keep writing! Try to look at your story from a different angle. If you write on a computer, try switching over to writing in your journal. If your writing by hand, try typing your work just to increase your versatility.

One of the most profound ways for me to feed my creative mind is to break away from monotony. If you normally write in the morning, try writing at night. If you write at night, switch your time to sunrise. Within the Age of Information we face enough monotony, so try not to bring this creativity killing vibration into your creative space. Discipline is great, but always remember that routine kills creativity.

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