5 Things You Can Do To Heal This World

By Taylre Rene Malloy~Self-Love Literature Contributing Writer

Listen up, old people. Do you want to heal this world? If so, fortunately, you don’t have to be Superman, Thor, or Iron Man to do so. You can do this by supporting the youth. Find a kid and do these 5 simple things if you wish to save this planet before The Light dies forever.

Plant Them. Listen to their ideas and help them generate an action plan to make their ideas and dreams a reality. Listening, as it is, is a difficult task. And to think that listening to the youth seems like an even more daunting job. Add to that the mountainous stress that being an adult within a society that is awkwardly resemblant to the life of Katniss Everdeen battling the districts in “The Hunger Games.” When a child needs to be heard, and you have an extra million things running through your mind, the child will feel like their needs are not important. Research suggests that listening to the youth during the times their voice needs to be heard the most makes it more likely that they will express themselves and thus tap into their creative unlimited potential. When a child feels heard, she/he is more likely to be more creative and sociable, and having been understood, he/she will connect to their purpose. This will help the youth activate their light within this world and spark their inner curiosity long before they become adults.

Water Them. Encourage them to talk to others who can help inspire them with their ideas and thus help grow the seeds of their dreams into a business plan. In order to spark the imagination within your child in regards to what they can become, who they can be and the kind of things that they can achieve, they have to be provided with opportunity; opportunity to do things that they love, opportunity to uncover new hidden talents; opportunity to see what the world has to offer; to discover their passion. Allow your child to try all kinds of sports, classes and extra-curricular activities that they’re interested in, and to encourage them to also try new things that they may not have thought about previously. Doing so will empower them to obtain the things that they truly love to do and will open their mind to their endless possibilities that are within their reach.

Nourish Them. Remove barriers that are placed upon them as a result of this society and help them troubleshoot and find ways to remove barriers that prevent them from making their ideas a reality. Rein in their anxiety, eliminate their fear, and heal their depression. That doesn’t mean shielding them from real-life issues but instead, stand by them during those hard times. Be a light to a child during a darkening age in history, even if they are not your own.

Empower Them. Spread their greatness to the world! Tell your friends about your child’s idea and so on and so on. When we uplift one child from darkness, we instantly activate the Lights of millions of other children. Help the Youth share their ideas. Use a variety of communication resources to get the word out about their idea. Some to consider: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, e-mail, Instagram, creating a website, posting a YouTube video, creating a poster, and speaking at a community center or a school. As we speak words of power over the youth, we simultaneously give life to their dreams, goals, and projects. Thus awakening them to contribute to the higher global consciousness.

Illuminate Them. Continue to invest in the youth and also help many others along your path to your own spiritual awakening. Have conversations about the unique skills of your individual family members and talk about ways to apply these skills for others in need. Lead by example. Be a positive role model and take action on an idea you have to help make a positive change in your community.

You can change this world, by first changing the life of a child. After all, they are the future…right?

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