4 Reasons Why I Love Writing in the Rain!

By Taylre Rene Malloy~Self-Love Literature Contributing Writer


“Rain falls like God’s own poetry onto the Earth, each drop is a single letter in a song that takes eons to sing. For me, rainfall is like a staccato of symphony notes, each melody awakening my soul in ways words can’t express. As patters of raindrops tumble from the heavens, the melody brings serenity to my creative mind no matter the chaos.”

Who loves writing on rainy days? A show of hands, please. Personally, I find writing on a rainy day simply charming. There’s just something so tranquil about the entire process that waters my mind with new seeds of inspiration and creative ideas and helps my imagination flow. But what is it about the rain that sparks so much creativity?

Okay first, let’s make one thing clear. Writing on a rainy day is an entirely different experience than writing in the actual rain. No one likes soggy notebook pages and last time I checked laptops and iPad’s aren’t yet waterproof or rated on their absorbency. Instead, standing in the rain should only be reserved for those heartwarming romantic movies and those amazingly awkward moments. Catching time away from the world in that dream-like scenario when you’re not outside soaking wet, but instead warm and dry at your writing desk with an aromatically sensual cup of chai tea, is the kind of rainy day I’m referencing. Yet the questions still remains, how does a rainy day suddenly make writing feel so much more magnificent? Below are 4 reasons why.

The rain brings Creative Freshness and Awakening. The rain brings a richness to my creative being, each droplet revitalizing my creativity in a way that soothes my heart, brings a steadiness to my soul, and awakens my senses. The rain has the exact same effect on our world. When it rains, the lands and trees become glossy, reflecting the light upon their leaves as they sway in the breeze. This rain brings a freshness to everything it touches, each drop a heaven-given gift for every particle of creation. When it’s raining I like to go outside and raise my hands up to the sky, paying homage to this divine process by feeling the water and sunshine together as they awaken my creative soul. As I do, a song stirs deep within, one that feels as if it’s singing “thank you” and “I love you” all at once. Writing while it’s raining also brings this joy, a feeling I will never forget.

Rain reminds us of the intrinsic magic of life. Rain falls, oblivious to the life it gives and the new possibilities that it awakens. Washing the world clean, quenching the soil, and nourishing everything it touches back to life, the rain reminds us of all the life forms that depend upon it. Like a sacred ecosystem, the rain plays a vital role in the balance of life on our planet as well as the balance of life within our stories. I use this sacred metaphor to deepen my plot as I write a story. Rain forces me to think about the world from a different perspective, thus enriching my writing with new life, spirituality, and nature. In either warmth or coldness, sunlight or moonlight, destruction or serenity, rain comes, as a powerful force of nature that at times can be devastatingly fierce and also incredibly humble. It is the balance between the two that gives life to this world and also our stories. Rain is the unyielding force that gives breath to the birdsong and brings brightness to every hue of flower and leaf within a forest. With each new idea that writing in the rain sparks, I am able to see how my characters are connected to the bigger picture and how each droplet of rain has an intrinsic effect on everything, no matter how big or small.

Rain offers a psychic shield from writer’s block. In the alien-like landscape of this strange place we sometimes call writer’s block, the rain forces our imagination to expand into new dimensions and ascend to new heights. Every drop of rain that falls from the sky has a sacred mission. Whether we’re aware of this mission or not, it is in the rain’s intention to wash us away and bless our creative mind with a new beginning. I sometimes listen to the rain at night and write in my journal. During these times, when the rain pours and the thunder crackles, I give thanks, knowing that the purpose of rain is to make us stronger. To inspire us to keep hammering until we manifest our masterpiece. Or until we finally gain the courage to create our own Mona Lisa.

Rain teaches us to let go of judgment. No matter how hard we try, we cannot control the rain. It is a force of nature and with this lack of control comes a sense of anxiety toward the future. I apply this analogy to my writing because writing in the rain has taught me that when it comes to writer’s block, you must simply let go and let the creativity flow. Rain teaches us to let go of judgment of ourselves and others and somehow come into the realization that we are not in control. Along the journey, there will be some who adore our writing and some who do not understand. But like the rain, it is not our job to try and change their minds, thus forcing the world to accept us. Like the rain, it’s a writer’s job to inspire and rejuvenate the creative life-force of others through our stories, poems, and literature. So, the next time you find yourself caught in a rainstorm, grab your pen, notebook, or laptop and let the rain nuture your seeds of creativity. Happy Writing!


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