5 Children’s Books That Teach Self-Love to Future Generations

By Taylre Rene Malloy~Self-Love Literature Contributing Writer

Self-love is the greatest gift we can leave future generations, and what better way to empower the youth than through their favorite children’s book. Like water and sunlight for plants, a child’s mind will grow into a radiant garden with each new experience and successful interaction. By exposing them to positive affirming words, experiences, and images early on we simultaneously activate their inner light so they can shine bright like a star. Below are five children’s books that instill self-love in young readers all around the world.


“I am Enough,” by Grace Byers. As an empowering lyrical ode designed to help young readers fall in love with who they are, “I am enough,” teaches self-love and respect for both children and others. No matter what others think of us, we are more powerful than we know and we are all here for a higher purpose. When we show a child the importance of knowing who they are, we transform their subconscious mind allowing them the opportunity to strengthen their inner gifts and talents. It is only through the knowledge of self that children are able to begin life’s sacred journey making this wonderful children’s book the perfect tool to water any young mind with the seeds of self-love.

“Sulwe,” by Lupita Nyong’o


Academy Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o delivers a brilliantly, beautiful message in her recently published children’s book “Sulwe.” Growing up with skin the color of midnight, “Sulwe” illustrates some of the most powerful aspects of self-love by touching on topics of colorism, self-worth, and inner radiance. By teaching young readers that true beauty shines from within, this soul-healing children’s book opens the mind of any reader by showing them the beauty of knowing what makes them unique.

On a magical journey through the night sky, Sulwe learns the power of self-love and acceptance. As she learns to love the skin she’s, Sulwe falls in love with her stunning, mahogany reflection that also shines like the night sky. A lesson that many young adult readers, and adult readers, still struggle to know. When we encourage our children to admire their reflection, we activate their inner light and consciousness, thus helping them illuminate this world.

“Mother Africa,” by Taylre R. Malloy


A creation of my very own, “Mother Africa,” aims to teach young readers one of the most valuable lessons of all, which is to love and pay homage to the amazing superhero our Mother truly is. Our mother is often the first person to show us our inner beauty and light. “Mother Africa,” teaches children that no matter how old they get, expressing this sacred love for our mother is what enhances our own inner gifts and superpowers.

The mother is the greatest teacher on this planet who helps us to believe in our abilities. When a child learns to recognize the inner strength and courage that their own mother has, they begin to radiate confidence in their everyday actions, knowing that they too share their own superpower. “Mother Africa,” illuminates the superpowers of mothers all around the world so that children can see that they too have their own superpowers as well.

“Hair Love,” by Matthew A. Cherry


As a beautiful love story of the unique connection between hair, fatherhood, and self-worth, “Hair Love,” takes young readers on a tender journey of hair enchantment as Zuri learns to love every follicle of her kinky, curly hair and all of its uniqueness. I stumble upon this book along my own “hair love” journey and must say that this adorable book has become my go-to friend whenever I need a reminder of just how amazing my curly, ebony hair truly is.

Soft and willowy like a cloud of stardust and beautifully scented like coconuts and papayas, the moment I fostered my own sacred connection with my hair, was the moment I enhanced my inner creative powers, and like Zuri I owe this realization to my own parent who helped me see my worth at a very young age. As Zuri’s father styles her hair, this simple act gives her spirit that extra spark of magic. “Hair Love,” will teach any young mind the power of falling in love with every inch of their reflection in a healing and healthy way.

“One Love,” by Cedella Marley


Based on the wonderful life and music of Bob Marley, “One Love,” by Cedella Marley brings together the joyful philosophies of self- love, family, and community in a heart-warming children’s book. Bringing to life the wonderful contributions of Bob Marley, “One Love,” has the power to help ignite a child’s inner spirit, thus connecting them to their higher purpose and soul mission of encouraging love for themselves and the entire planet.

By teaching children that we are all one no matter our race, class, or gender, this lovely book helps heal the disconnect between cultures by opening the heart chakra, thus raising a child’s energetic vibration long before they become an adult. Through this book, we are reminded that as long as we hold love inside our heart, we remain connected to what we love the most and those around us. In my eyes, one of the most important lessons of all.