Spirit Writing: 5 Self-Love Journals that Will Heal Your Soul

By Taylre Rene Malloy~Self-Love Literature Contributing Writer

When you were a teenager, you might have kept a top secret diary, hidden away from the world. Since the beginning of time, journaling has always been the perfect method for humans to express our most intimate thoughts, dreams, and perceptions. People of all ages have found journaling to be an essential, therapeutic, and relaxing activity for self-love and restoration. Many of history’s great minds including Maya Angelou, Abraham Lincoln, Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, and Ernest Hemingway spent hours writing their most sacred thoughts deep within the pages of their journal, thus creating entire compilations of words that will likely never be read by another soul.

Long thought of as a practice reserved only for writers, what many call journaling I like to call Spirit Writing. Whether you’re a writer or not, journaling has a magical quality of healing the soul and keeping a journal has many positive benefits. Not only can journaling help with personal growth and development, but journaling can also be used for problem-solving and stress reduction. Through the divine process of regularly recording your thoughts, you will gain insight into your behaviors, actions, and emotions. This process alone has been proven to improve mental and physical health and can lead to increased self-esteem. Below are 5 self-love journals endowed with the power to evoke sacred healing for the soul.

Self-Love is Revolutionary: A Guided Journal for Inner Healing, Happiness, and Creativity

Self-Love is Revolutionary Journal

Self-Love Is Revolutionary: A Guided Journal For Inner Healing, Happiness, and Creativity

One of my favorite self-love journals to date, and also my very own creation. I created this journal during a time in my life when I truly needed an outlet to express myself authentically. As a guided journal designed to help you get in tune with your inner thoughts and emotions, every page offers you the opportunity to express your soul’s truest desire, and most importantly without fear or judgment. What I appreciate the most about this journal are the inspirational quotes at the end of each page, and the thought-provoking questions, chapters, and self-love mantras created solely to spark sacred self-acceptance and healing along your own writing journey. If you’re a fan of guided journals, you may find yourself taking this journal with you everywhere. This lovely journal has traveled far and wide with me and will forever be my go-to journal for self-love. When I’m at home, I like to keep mine right next to my desk or bed so that I can journal the moment I wake up or go to sleep. I use this journal during the times I need that extra spark of motivation to believe in myself or another.

Spirit Writing: A Guided Journal for Creative Writing, Self-Love, Inner Healing

Spirit Writing

Spirit Writing: A Guided Journal For Self-Love, Creative Writing, and Inner Healing

Another gem when it comes to self-love that will make the perfect gift for any creative in need of that extra boost of confidence and inspiration to complete their goals. I created this journal with my fellow creative writers in mind and have realized that throughout my writing career remembering to always believe in myself has been my greatest superpower. Filled with guided meditations and self-love mantras, spirit writing offers total freedom to any creative wanting to express their wildest dream or deepest insecurity. In this journal, you will learn to use fear as fuel to power your dreams instead of allowing your own insecurities to deactivate them. This journal has taught so much about my own thoughts as a writer and has helped me move past the fear of self-doubt and to always remember that you can’t know where you are going until you know where you are. This journal teaches us that it is only when we learn to accept ourselves fully, do we truly become free. The variety of assorted pages, quotes, and mantras allow any creative the opportunity to unlock the power of the written word but also the visual word and world of drawing and illustration. By drawing or making a collage on certain pages, I’ve been able to create a representation of how I feel that moves beyond my analytical writing and into my heart.

Soul Therapy: A 365-day journal for self-exploration,healing, and reflection

Soul Therapy Jounal

Another awesome journal to pour your heart into! Soul Therapy is a daily, interactive journal designed to aid you in self-exploration, healing, and reflection. Featuring 365 days of thought-provoking prompts, inspiring quotes, open-ended questions, daily practices, and motivational soul food with room for writing, this journal is the ultimate tool for personal expansion. The countless positive benefits you will receive from this journal will transform your life in so many ways. This journal teaches us that journaling is the ultimate positive habit to add to your daily routine. Taking a few moments in the day for reflection will help you stay grounded, present, and in touch with yourself. I first discovered this journal years ago during college when I needed that extra reminder of who I truly am. I know it has the power to remind you also.

Be The Change You Want To See In The World: A Classic Ruled Journal

Be the Change
A Self Love Journal For Children

If you’re looking for a cute gift or searching for a great notebook for yourself, you’ll love this find! I fell in love with the cute empowering quote on the cover and was truly inspired by every moment I took out of my day to write in it. The empowering quote on the first cover reminds me daily of the power of positive thinking and how the vibes we hold a daily bases have the ability to impact our lives. Making the perfect gift for my niece also, this journal is a great asset to give to young writers who may need that extra reminder to believe in their ideas no matter what.

A Self-Love Journal for Children

This amazing journal for children is designed to support children to start cultivating the habit of practicing self-love, developing self-confidence, building self-esteem, and growing in self-awareness. This journal teaches youngsters that self-mastery involves practicing the same actions daily and challenges children to focus on the positive qualities they possess with daily prompts and questions. By the time the journal is complete, your child will be able to express an assortment of their inner thoughts and ideas, but most importantly what they love about themselves. By helping children highlight their strengths, talents, and abilities this journal offers kids the confidence they need to grow into their quirkiness and inner truths. The best gift we can give a child is love and love of self. So grab this journal for your child and help them start their own journey of self-expression.