Sunset Writing: How to Write Anywhere

By Taylre Rene Malloy~Self-Love Literature Contributing Writer


I’ve recently relocated across the country and like many working writers, writing is not my full-time job. I spend most of my time shuffling through the endless tasks and assignments I get as a full-time student, entrepreneur, and consultant. But despite my busy schedule, still, I write. I hold the intention in my mind and heart to write no matter the circumstances occurring around me. With this creative superpower, I am able to maximize my writing goals.

Whether I’m halfway across the world or visiting family and friends across the country, creating the necessary space to write no matter my surroundings has become key to completing my writing goals.

I’m not the type of person to clear my entire schedule to write by only writing during specific time frames. It would be nice if life worked this way. But often time is limited. Like you, I juggle my time between various tasks and I am also guilty of spending way to much time on social media. The key to staying consistent with your writing routine is not following a strict schedule, but learning to make time to write as you go, no matter your location. Below are 3 tips I use for maximum time management success.

Embrace Social Media. Instead of freaking out about your natural tendency to spend additional time on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, try instead to embrace it. Believe it or not, but social media can actually be your friend and much-needed ally when it comes to writing. Create a post detailing your writing goals, and use the engagement that you receive from the post as fuel to kick start your writing sessions. You may find that social media is a greater motivator than you think.

Write Where You Are. Writing is a flexible activity so you can bring your journal, laptop, smartphone, or tablet to write on during the times in your day that you are running errands or out and about. You can do this by keeping your preferred writing device, or tool with you at all times in your bag or car. When you notice a break or shift in your schedule, grab your journal and begin wherever you left off. If you’re a digital writer, this can be done easily on your tech devices. I recommend saving your work in Google Docs so that all edits and changes can be accessed and saved efficiently. You can also use EverNote to keep track of those brilliant ideas that spring up at the most inconvenient moments. Creative writing apps are endless!

Go with the Flow. Planning ahead is commonly associated with being organized and efficient, however, I’m going to tell you the exact opposite. Yes, it is key to maintain a plan in all you do in life in order to be the most effective. However, when it comes to writing anywhere you need to adopt the mentality of going with the flow. This will help generate ideas naturally and take the pressure off of producing a certain word count or writing standard. Rather than sticking to a rigid schedule, or writing wherever you have a desk or internet connection, simply write when you have an idea. Keep in mind inspiration can show up anywhere so it’s important to not miss your muse when they arrive, even if you’re standing in line at a coffee shop, or the subway, or a remote beach or island, Write where ever the inspiration sparks and wonders will occur.


With every sunset, a new hope is born, an old expectation dies.”

-Noor Unnahar