How Journaling Can Help you Awaken Your Inner Superpower!

By Taylre Rene Malloy~Self-Love Literature Contributing Writer


It’s no surprise that journaling takes me to my healing place! Since the very first day I picked up my pen to write, I’ve used journals to express the aspects of my inner being that I was often afraid to talk about. In so many words, journaling has saved my life and has the innate healing ability to help many others. If you’re like me and literally have over 1000 dusty journals hiding inside your closet just waiting to be reread. Or if you simply want to find a creative space to express your inner truths, I challenge you to begin the journaling process as it can make you invincible.

Did you know that writing out your inner thoughts and feelings can be a great way to heal emotional trauma, thus setting your supernatural creative abilities free? Journaling may remind you of something you did as a child, but it’s much more than that. The act of journaling has a healing power that can improve your memory, reduce your stress and increase your creativity.

These are just the beginning of the superpowers that journaling offers. Here are three ways journaling can improve your quality of life and help you become the greatest version of yourself in all you do.


Journaling is an Instant Mood Booster. It’s no surprise that journaling can serve as that extra spark needed to remind you of your dreams. Whether you like to write in a dream journal or an actual journal, always remember that the act of sorting out your inner thoughts and desires on paper is a great method to clear your mind and figure out what direction your dreams will take you. I take my journal everywhere, and in it, I write my goals down one by one. Don’t stress about it not being organized. But instead, use your journal as a much needed sacred space for all those amazing goals.

Journaling Reduces Anxiety. Since I carry my journal with me everywhere, I consider it an ally or creative confidante. Unplugging after a long day can be challenging, but if you grab a journal to at least start to unwind from your day and sink into your own creative rhythm, you instantly reduce stress.

Studies show that journaling helps you center your mind, release emotions and express things that are bothering you. The best thing you can do after a stressful day is to write out your experiences. Verbalize your emotions in a journal serves as a therapeutic release and can even help you resolve hidden emotional traumas.

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Journaling Eradicates Creative Blocks. Like kryptonite for Superman, societal stress can often deactivate your ability to express your authentic self. No matter the block, when we feel pressured by society to not be ourselves, we tend to become blocked creatively.

For me, journaling has helped release this block every time. I use my journals as a second brain and subconscious, and thus “info dump” all my thoughts, creative ideas, and creative energy onto the pages no matter the order. I take this opportunity to engage in descriptive writing about anything that catches my eye at the moment if I’m unsure what to write as I journal. This helps to unblock the root of what I’ve been feeling and eventually the words and emotions that I’ve suppressed spill right out.

If you’re concerned of others reading your journal, hide it in a safe place or burn the pages you really want to release from the journal once you finish. I know scorching your old journal entries can sound somewhat dramatic, but trust me safely burning journal entries that you don’t want anyone else to read is incredibly therapeutic and release. Once I feel the journal is too full of ideas to go on, I start a new journal. This process of creative regurgitation without judgment has helped me defeat writer’s block in many ways and tune into the power of my own emotions.

These are just a few examples of how journaling can help you develop your inner superpower! You don’t have to wait until the new year comes around to start forming a new writing or journaling routine. Always remember that great journaling and self-expression begins when you decide to start. Try to make it a priority to write every day, even if it’s only a few lines. You will unleash hidden aspects of yourself and feel incredibly liberated as you see those words shine on the page!

Happy Writing!