How to Write a Love Letter to Yourself or Another

By Taylre Rene Malloy~Self-Love Literature Contributing Writer

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Expressing love can feel a bit awkward at times, but I assure you that writing a love letter can help ease the butterflies you may feel regarding this topic. Below are eight tips to creating epic love letters for yourself or your significant other that are destined to warm any heart.

State your intentions. What is the purpose of this letter? What feelings and energies do you want to invoke? How do you want your love to be felt? Whenever you do any type of Love work, it is essential to really get into your heart and emotions so that the words shine through.

Visualize a romantic memory of your Lover. Is there a romantic experience that you have shared with your lover that left you utterly breathless? Do you find that this experience of your lover stays with you and makes you smile whenever you think about them? All of this imagery is a great inspiration for your love letter to them. Before writing your love letter, visualize the butterflies they give you when you are in their presence. The way they make your heart race, your palms sweat, your soul dance. When we enter into a state of bliss before writing we are able to express our love to the highest level. If you’re into meditation this is also a great place to set your intention for your love letter and begin visualizing the details of your connection. Thus strengthening the bond.


Open your Heart. Let’s say you want to write a love letter not to another person, but to yourself. I can relate to this and am actually writing several love letters to myself just for the perks. If you chose to write your letter for you or your significant other, it’s important to open your heart. Opening your heart when you write is simple and comes from a place of non-judgment. So if you’re experiencing intense emotions that you fear may not be reciprocated by your lover, write them anyway. Yes, become absolutely transparent with those feelings. Almost to the point of feeling naked. Even the ones you fear the most. Both romantic love and self-love can only exist in a space of honesty and transparency so as you write your love letter, remember to follow your heart. For your heart will lead you and lover to an eternal state of bliss.

Be bold. Tell your lover all the things you love about them. Does their hair glimmer in the sunlight? Do they have that extra sparkle in their smile that illuminates your heart and makes your mind go wild? Whatever it is about your lover that you’re passionate about, it’s time to let those feelings out. At first, this can feel a little awkward, but I assure you it’s worth it. When we find the courage to express love, and more importantly why we love someone, we become stronger.


Let go of Fear. Tell your lover how your life has changed since meeting them. Express to them how the experience of them has opened your heart and mind. When we write from a place of fearlessness, our inner light shines through. Your lover will thank you for putting the effort in on such a thoughtful gesture. I assure you they will not forget.

Be romantic. Love letters are a great way to reaffirm your love and commitment to another. Whether you’re into the mushy gushy stuff or more of the calm cool and collective type, a love letter is a great way to express romantic love to the one that means the most. Not only will you evoke the element of surprise here, but you will also strengthen the bond as love letters can be saved for many years. Imagine reading those old gushy love letters from the early years of your romance when you and your lover grow old together. What a beautiful experience indeed. So definitely cherish and save your letters, as they may remind you one day of the love you share.


Reaffirm your Love. Your letter can be a good opportunity to open your heart and reaffirm your love. Tell your lover what they mean to you in a way that no one else on the planet can express to them. Your love is unique and no matter how you choose to write your love letter, allow your real emotions to shine through. By doing this you will reaffirm your love and devotion to your lover no matter the circumstances. We live in an age where the expression of love can be limited and thus many humans keep their emotions and feelings bottled up without expression. Telling someone you love them is a revolutionary act and does not go unnoticed, especially in an age where our feelings are not always honored.

Make it fun. Here you can get a little creative. Tell your lover how much they make you laugh, or if you have the gift of comedy you can use comedy to express a joke of love that only you and your lover will connect to. When we incorporate a light-hearted expression to a love letter is a great way to let go of the fear.