The Journey Begins

The ancient Egyptians, along with many other early civilizations, knew the healing powers that creative writing generates. The Egyptians themselves classified writing as a sacred act, and thus it became important to document and communicate information about spirituality, government, and society within sacred texts.

As a result, many ancient societies invented written scripts that could be used to record information. The most famous of all ancient Egyptian scripts are hieroglyphics. Through the use of these scripts, scribes were able to preserve the beliefs, history, and ideas of ancient Egypt in temples, tomb walls, and on papyrus scrolls. These papyrus scrolls were used as blueprints during construction, healing rituals, and mummification.

The Sumerians invented a writing system too known as Cuneiform which was used to give meaning to many aspects of their society. When the ancient cuneiform tablets of Mesopotamia were discovered and later deciphered in the late 19th century CE, these tablets would literally transform human understanding of history for generations to come.

Since the beginning of time, writing has been used to advance societies and preserve information. It is for this very reason that writing offers much promise to the value and upliftment of humanity. So come along the journey and heal with me through the amazing process of Intuitive Writing. You will be surprised just how deep the rabbit hole goes. I can’t wait to get started!

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